QT10-15 solid block making machine

Solid Block Making Machine

Solid block making machine can mainly produce the solid bricks for you. Of course, if you want to produce other types of bricks, you just need to change its mould. Our solid block machine has different models and sizes that you can select. So you can pick up the suitable machine for your own projects. The models of solid block machine includes QT3-15, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT4-24, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15, etc. Different model of solid block machine has different configurations. If you have some special requirements, we can also customize the machine for you.

QT3-15 solid block making machine

Model: QT3-15
Product Specification (mm):  390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet:  3
Forming cycle:  20-30
Block output / 8 hrs:  5600

QT6-15 solid block making machine

Model: QT6-15
Product Specification (mm):  390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet:  6
Forming cycle:  12-15
Block output / 8 hrs:  11520-14400

kinds of finished bricks
different bricks produced by solid block machine

Advanced technology and control system of solid block making machine

Accumulating over 35 years production experience, our Aimix Group has been improving our solid block manufacturing machine. We have been keeping technological innovation in order to meet the requirement of our customers. Solid block manufacturing machine produced by our company has the following advantages.

On the one hand, our solid block making machines all adopt hydraulic system. That is because that hydraulic system has some features: Hydraulic solid block manufacturing machine can produce colored pavement bricks but other types machine can’t produce; The upper part of the hydraulic solid block machine is pressurized by oil cylinder, so the forming effect is better.

components of solid block machines
advanced components of solid block machine
QT8-15 solid block machine for sale
QT8-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 8 21 42
Block output / 8 hrs 15360 50400 100800
Forming cycle (s) 12~15 12~15 12~15
Product Specification(mm) 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

On the other hand, our solid block manufacturing machines all adopt fully automatic or semi automatic control system. High automatic degree of solid block manufacturing machine can not only reduce the labor intensity and cost, but also improve the machine working efficiency.

our control system
the control system

In addition, our solid concrete block making machine has passed BV and SGS test and gotten CE and ISO9001. Therefore, you don’t worry about the machine quality at all. Whether in the process of production or transportation, our workers will strictly control the quality of solid bricks manufacturing machine, ensuring you can get a good product.

QT4-15 solid block making machine
Model QT4-15
Overall size 3500x2100x2550mm
Shaping cycle 15-18 seconds
Pallet size 1010x550x30mm
Vibration frequency Max.4500 R/Min
Electricity 380V/220V/ (adjustable)
Vibration force 55KN
Total weight 5000 KGS

QT4-18 solid block making machine
Model QT4-18
Overall size 3700x2300x2400
Forming period 18S
Pallet size 850x550x25mm (bamboo)
850x550x25mm (plastic)
Electricity 380V/220V/ (adjustable)
Vibration force 35.5Kn
Total weight 3500 KGS

QT4-15 automatic solid block machine in Manila, Philipines
QT4-15 automatic solid machine in Manila, Philippines

Solid block machine in Philippines

The solid brick making machine is more and more widely used for various of construction projects. Depending on our experience for Philippines market, the demand of customers for automatic solid block making machine. Up to now, we have delivered many sets of solid brick making machines to Philippines. These solid block manufacturing machines works for different cities, such as, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Palompon, Legazpi, etc. At present, in order to sever our customers from Philippines, our Aimix Group set up our branch office in Manila, Philippines. In addition, we also has a warehouse there.

aimix office in philippines
Aimix office in Philippines
aimix group in philippines
Aimix Team in Philippines

QT10-15 solid block making machine
QT10-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 10 24 52
Block output / 8 hrs about 19200 46080-57600 99840-124800
Forming cycle (s) 12~15 12~15 12~15
Product Specification(mm) 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

deliver block machine to Philippines
deliver QT10-15 solid block machine to Philippines

You can get a complete set of service if you are in Philippines:

Before purchasing, our engineers will visit your construction site and help you plan the area. And you can visit our machine in local area.

During purchasing, we will provide you with free installation and training service. Moreover, if you have any question, you can ask us for help.

After purchasing, our salesman and engineers will create user profile and visit our clients regularly. Whether you need change some spare parts or repair the machine, they all spare no efforts to help you.

QT12-15 solid block making machine
QT12-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 12 30 60
Block output / 8 hrs about 23040 57600 115200
Forming cycle (s) 15 15 15
Product Specification(mm) 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

Check carefully before operation

If you use the solid block making machine for the first time, you should notice something before operating.

In the initial operation, the pallet should be placed on the solid brick making machine. By doing this, you can observe whether the width of the bracket is suitable for the entire channel of the machine, and whether there will be a phenomenon of stuck plate. The bottom of the feeding hopper should be consistent with the plane of the mold to ensure that the remaining materials can be scraped back after the feeding hopper is returned. Check whether the solid block manufacturing machine is clean, if there is a sticky block, it should be shoveled out, then sent it into the molding machine base plate library.

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