Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Different from other types of concrete plants, dry mix concrete batching plant doesn’t have the concrete mixer machine. As we all know, the ordinary concrete batch plants need these materials like aggregate, cement, powder, water and so on in order to produce the finished concrete. But the dry batch concrete plant usually can produce dry concrete. The production capacity of dry mix batching plant is actually determined by the models of concrete batching machine. We have PLD series concrete batching machine that you can select.

Aimix dry mix concrete batching plant sale

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concrete batching machine
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Item Weighing capacity Storage Capacity Productivity Batching Accuracy Max. weighing Kinds of Aggregate
PLD800 0.8m³ 2*2m³ 48m³/h ±2% 1500kg 2
PLD1200 1.2m³ 2*2m³ 60m³/h ±2% 2000kg 2
PLD1200II 1.2m³ 3*2.2m³ 60m³/h ±2% 2000kg 3
PLD1600 1.6m³ 3*3.7m³ 80m³/h ±2% 3000kg 3
PLD1600II 1.6m³ 4*3.7m³ 80m³/h ±2% 3000kg 4
PLD2400 2.4m³ 4*3.7m³ 120m³/h ±2% 4000kg 4
PLD3200 3.2m³ 3*20m³ 160m³/h ±2% 5000kg 3
PLD3200II 3.2m³ 4*20m³ 160m³/h ±2% 5000kg 4
PLD4800 4.8m³ 4*25m³ 280m³/h ±2% 8000kg 4

Features of dry mix concrete batching plant

1. High productivity. Dry mix concrete plant doesn’t need to spend time mixing the weighed aggregate, which can save the time and increase productivity. That is because the mixing process is finished on the concrete mixer truck.

2. The way of belt transportation. Usually, concrete batch mix plant has two different transportation way, skip hoist type and belt conveyor type. However, the transportation way of dry batching plant all are belt transportation. This can shorten transportation time.

3. Save cost. Fewer working steps not only can shorten the working period, but also save the investment cost.

4. Easy operation. Advanced control system not only improve the accuracy of weighing aggregate, but also reduce labor intensity.

5. Small occupation area. The dry batch concrete plant for sale consists of concrete batching machine, transportation system, control system, storage system and so on. This makes the machine have smaller occupation area.

machine frame

Why choose our Aimix dry mix concrete plant?

Because dry mix concrete batching plant is the hot sale product, more and more manufacturers are willing to produce it. At that time, you should distinguish the quality of dry mix concrete batch plant provided by different concrete plant manufacturers. As one of the leading enterprises of construction machinery in China, our Aimix Group has accumulated over 35 years experience. There are some reasons why you should choose our Aimix dry concrete batching plants.

First of all, we have rich production experience. Our company can promise to provide you a high-quality dry concrete batching plant for sale.

Then, we have professional team, including production team, transportation team, sales team, engineers team, service team You will get more considerate service from our company.

Next, we can offer you a more reasonable dry mix concrete batching plant price. I believe that the price is also the important factor that most customers are concerned with.

Last but not least, our dry mix batching plant has gotten good reputation from our customers.

PLD800 batching machine



PLD2400 batching machine

Our service

If you choose our Aimix Group, you can get our complete set of service. For Philippines market, we pay more attention. Moreover, we have our branch office in Manila, Philippines. It is more convenient whether fro us or for philippines customers. You can visit our office and the our customer’s construction site on local. When you need any help, our engineers and salesman will try their best to help you. If you need the spare parts, we can deliver them for you in 12 hours because we have a warehouse in the Philippines. What’s more, our engineers will visit you regularly to help you inspect the machine.

All in all, if you need a dry mix concrete batching plant for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make you feel at home.

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