Customers Flying And Acceptance 6 Sets 1.8-Cub Self-Loading Mixer Successfully In Bataan, Philippines

We have exported 6 sets 1.8 cub self-loading mixers to Bataan, Philippines this time. Our self-loading concrete mixers are hot-selling products in the Philippines with models AS 1.2 – AS 6.5. Different capacities can be adapted to different projects. If the amount of engineering is huge, you can choose to buy multiple units and use them together like our customers.

6 Sets 1.8-Cub Self-Loading Mixer In Bataan, Philippines
6 Sets 1.8-Cub Self-Loading Mixer In Bataan, Philippines

After our self-loading truck arrived at the customer’s construction site, the customer took a private jet to inspect our products. After seeing the product, they leave with satisfaction. The following video is the process of customer acceptance of the product by plane:

The reason why our self-loading mixer trucks have such good customer feedback in the Philippines mainly depends on the advantages of the product itself.

First, the self-loading truck has the functions of self-feeding, mixing, self-assembling, and transportation. Greatly save manpower, material resources, and transportation costs, and can be applied well in areas with poor road conditions;

Secondly, the self-loading operation is very simple, and only one operator can complete all the work. Therefore, the operator only needs simple training to get on the job, shortening the training time and improving work efficiency.

In order to communicate with our customers in a timely manner and ensure our after-sales service, we have set up a fixed office in the Philippines. the address at Staint Paul Rd, Makati, Manila, Philippines. If you are interested in our products, you can contact our professional sales staff, you can also visit our office for face-to-face communication.

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