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This 2019-nCoV is raging all over the world, and the Philippines cannot escape the clutches of the epidemic. On March 18, 2020, our customer in Philippines reported to our AIMIX company that the local epidemic situation is serious and protective equipment is in short supply, and sincerely hope that we can extend a helping hand.

Our Protective Supplies Have Arrived And Are Preparing To Ship To The Philippines

Ready to Philippines
Ready to Philippines

After learning about the situation, our colleagues in the Philippines office immediately reported to AIMIX head office, and our AIMIX leaders attached great importance to this. We AIMIX head office mobilized urgently, contacted a group of protective supplies, stocked and prepared to give to cooperative customers to ensure the personal safety of our customers. Currently, the first batch of masks has been sent to Manila, but due to the blockade of the city, it is temporarily unavailable. We promise that we will try our best to get it into your hands as soon as possible and do our best for your health.

The Video Of Our Protective Supplies Ready To Be Sent To Customers!

If you have not received our notice, please contact your sales manager and provide your address and contact information, and we will arrange delivery as soon as possible. We will do our best to help if there are other related needs.

The aim of AIMIX is people-oriented and sincere. As long as you establish cooperation with our AIMIX company, we not only provide you with top-level products and services but also various humanized services are our core elements. We will use all the resources of AIMIX to provide you with a full range of humanized services. Let’s work together to get through the epidemic. Philippines, come on!

Please Note:

Due to limited resources, we only provide protective supplies to regular customers who have cooperated with us, but if you are considering becoming our partner, as long as you place an order, we will give away related anti-epidemic materials for free. Welcome to consult us for more information!

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