AS-5.5 Self Loading Mixer Machine Used for Building Construction in Bataan, Philippines

Good news! Another unit of Aimix self-loading mixer machine was also put into use for building construction in Bataan, Philippines. The client in Bataan received the AS-5.5 self-loader mixer over two months. Now, it is working well at the construction site. The client took videos and pictures of AS-5.5 during its work. Check them below.

AS-5.5 self loader mixer for building construction in Bataan, Philippines

AS-5.5 Self Loading Mixer Applied for Building Construction

As the picture shows, the self loading mixer was producing fresh concrete mixture for building construction. According to the description from the client, the details of this project are as follows:

  • Construction Project: two-story villa building construction
  • Project progress: the first floor of the house has been completed, and the construction of the second floor began
  • Labor use for the project: 4 ~ 5 labor, one for mixer operating, others for concrete lifting and paving
  • Project completion time: a month and a half later, around the end of November 2022

Why The Philippines Client Choose AS-5.5 This Time?

1. This is a client who has purchased Aimix self loading mixer before. Last time he purchased an AS-2.6 self loading mixer for warehouse construction in the factory.

2. After using the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer, he thought that the discharging capacity of 2600L is a little smaller for his next construction project.

3. Thus, he contacted us and requested quotations for AS-5.5 and AS-6.5. Both of them are large self loading mixers. After comparison, he decided to purchase the AS-5.5 model. Because we have sold this AS-5.5 model to the Philippines market. He has contacted another client who has used AS-5.5 now. Finally, he paid for it after chatting with the AS-5.5 self loading mixer user.

AS-5.5 self loading mixer truck working in Bataan

Apart from being used for house and building construction projects, it has many other applications, like bridges, roads, and precast concrete projects…… If you don’t know choose which model for your project, just contact us for suggestions!

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