AS-2.6 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer for House Construction in Davao

In October 2022, a client in Davao sent us positive feedback on the Aimix self-loading mixer that he bought for his house construction project. Here are the working pictures and videos of the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer. Check them below.

Small Self Loading Mixer for House Construction

  • As the above video shows, the AS-2.6 self-loading concrete mixer truck was discharging concrete mixture into a drum.
  • Then, the drum would be lifted to the roof of the house through the sliding rope.
  • Last, after the drum arrived at the roof, the concrete mixture would be poured for house construction.

AS-2.6 self loader mixer for house construction in Davao

Why Choose AS-2.6 Model?

In Aimix, there are so many models of self-loading mixers for sale. Why did the Davao customer choose to buy the AS-2.6 model? Here are the main reasons:

1. The client is a local contractor in the rural area of Davao. He has owned a lot of small-size of construction projects, especially house and low-rise building construction. Thus, the mixer with a small capacity can totally satisfy his construction demands. AS-2.6 is one of the small self loading concrete mixers for sale. He thought it was the best choice.

2. Aimix has exported many sets of AS-2.6 self-loading mixers to the Philippines market. Before making the order, he visited the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer working site near him. He was satisfied with the working status and performance of this kind of mixer. Thus, he decided to buy the same model of concrete mixer.

AS-2.6 for Other Projects in Davao

After the customer received the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer, he used it for many construction projects. Apart from the above house construction, it was also for low-rise building construction projects. Here are some pictures of AS-2.6 working at the construction site. Please check them below.

AS-2.6 self loading mixer for building construction in Davao
Aimix AS-2.6 self loader mixer for building construction in Davao

If you are interested in this kind of self loading mixer, welcome to contact us for details. There are many models for choices: AS-1.8 ~ AS-6.5. Contact us for the latest price right now!

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