AS-5.5 Self Loader Mixer and ABT60C Stationary Pump for Foundation Construction in Cebu

Good news! Aimix self-loading concrete mixer with pump began to be used normally for foundation construction in Cebu, Philippines. The self-loading concrete mixer with pump refers to one unit of self-loading mixer and one unit of stationary concrete pump. Many customers in the Philippines have purchased construction machine collaboration for their projects. Here are some working pictures of these machines working at the construction that were taken by our customers. Please check them below.

AS-5.5 self loading mixer and ABT60C line pump for foundation construction in Cebu
AS-5.5 self loader mixer and ABT60C stationary pump for foundation construction in Cebu

Reasons to Buy Self-loading Concrete Mixer with Pump

Before making an order, the client inquired about some other construction machines, like the concrete batching plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump, etc. In the end, he chose to buy the new collaboration for construction. Here are some reasons why he chose them.

1. He wanted to produce concrete mixture himself rather than purchasing from a commercial concrete company. Thus, he needed to buy a concrete mixing or concrete production machine. Thus, he has three choices: concrete batching plant, self-loading mixer, and concrete mixer machine.
2. There is a distance between the concrete production site and the construction site. Thus, he needed to transport the mixture through a truck. Therefore, he also can choose a concrete mixer truck or a self-loading mixer.

3. Taking the above two points, it is economical to choose the self-loading mixer truck, which has the function of concrete mixing and concrete transporting. In addition, it also can help save 5~6 labor.
4. After the concrete mixture arrived at the construction site, it needs to be delivered to a further distance through tools. At that time, the concrete pump machine plays an important role to transport the mixture. In the end, the client chose to buy one without hesitation.
5. More importantly, the self-loading concrete mixer with a pump has been widely applied for house and building construction in the Philippines. The customer also checked the working site in person. He was satisfied with the collaboration that solved his construction problems.

Thus, if you also wanna invest in the construction machine collaboration – self loading concrete mixer and line pump, welcome to consult us for the latest price right now! Then our sales would respond to you as soon as possible!

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