ABT40C Line Pump and AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer for Factory Construction in Manila

Aimix ABT40C line concrete pump and AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck were put into use normally for the foundation construction of the ice cream factory. During its working process, the client has taken some working pictures and videos of them. Please check them below.

Line pump and self loading mixer for construction
Aimix Line concrete pump and self loader mixer for foundation in Manila

How Do The Line Pump and Self-loader Mixer Cooperate to Work?

In Aimix, we have launched and sold construction machine collaborations since 2019, especially the combination of concrete pump and self-loading concrete truck mixers. While do you know how the two machines cooperate with each other for construction at the construction site? Here is the working process:

1. The self-loading mixer would load the concrete mixture and mix it during the transportation process.

2. After the mixer arrived at the construction site, it would pour the mixture into the hopper of the concrete pump.

3. Last, the concrete pump would deliver the concrete mixture to the construction site for foundation construction through pumping pipelines.

You can check the working video of the line pump and self-loading mixer working together below.

Model Selection of Line Pump and Self-loading Mixer Truck

  • For different sizes of construction projects, there are different model selections for concrete pumps for sale and self-loading mixers.
  • Until now, Aimix has launched two kinds of model collaborations. One is an ABT40C diesel concrete pump + AS-3.5 self-loading mixer, and the other one is an ABT60C diesel concrete line pump + AS-4.0 self-loader mixer.
  • The self-loading mixer discharging capacity should match the pumping ability of the concrete pump machines.
  • Aimix has exported construction machine collaborations for many global clients. Most of them still working well on-site. Some customers have sent us the working videos. Check their applications below.

ABT40C Diese Trailer Concrete Pump + AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer for House Construction in Indonesia

ABT60C Diesel Stationary Concrete Pump + AS-4.0 Self Loader Mixer for Building Construction in Uzbekistan

If you wanna get more information about the combination, welcome to contact our sales for further discussion! Leave your requirements through the inquiry form, later our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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