AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer Was Delivered to Zamboanga, Philippines

Congratulations! AIMIX AS-3.5 self loader concrete mixer was exported to Zamboanga, Philippines in Feb. 2023. This month, AIMIX also exported other two sets of self loading mixer trucks to the Philippines market. Nowadays, it is one of the most well-received concrete machines for construction projects in the Philippines. During the exporting process, AIMIX workers have taken some loading pictures in the factory for reference.

Loading AS-3.5A self loading concrete mixer drum

Client Choosing The AS-3.5A Model

There are many models of self loading mixers for sale in AIMIX Group. Finally, the client chose to buy the AS-3.5A self loading mixer which is the most basic model. Here are the main reasons why he chose this model.

1. He bought the self loading mixer for road repair and construction projects in rural places. The projects don’t need the high-configured mixer. And the AS-3.5A is the normal one with a basic configuration that can meet his construction totally.

2. Among the A, B, and C styles of AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixers for sale, the AS-3.5A is the cheapest one. Its price is within the client’s budget. Thus, he decided to buy this model.

Loading aimix self loading mixer truck
transporting the AS-3.5A self loader mixer to the Philippines

Collaborate Again with The Philippines Client

  • In fact, it is the second time to cooperate with this client. Last time, he purchased an AIMIX ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump that is also used for road construction in Zamboanga.
  • Due to the popularity of self loading mixer in the Philippines market, he also wanted to own one for his new road construction project. Because AIMIX also already exported many units of mixers for road construction. We have arranged for him to visit the working site of the AIMIX self-loading mixer in other cities.
  • After visiting, he was more interested in it and decided to invest in one. Now he can’t wait to receive his own self loading mixer truck.

AIMIX self loading mixer to the Zamboanga, Philippines

It is wise decision to invest in a self loading mixer for construction or for business. If you are interested in our self loader mixer, welcome to consult us for further discussion right now.

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