ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Was Ready to Export to Manila, Philippines

Good news! AIMIX Group has finished the manufacturing of the ABJZ40D electric concrete mixer pump in the factory. Aftering testing and debugging, it would be delivered to Manila, Philippines. The customer can’t wait to have a look at the new equipment he has bought. Here are some pictures taken for clients.

ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump to The Philippines
ABJZ40D Electric Mixing Pump to Manila, Philippines

Specifications of ABJZ40D
ABJZ40D Specifications

Manufacturing The Concrete Mixer Pump in the AIMIX Factory

1. After making final confirmation with the client, we would submit a manufacturing request to the AIMIX factory. Then the factory would start production according to the customer’s demands. Because some customers would customize some components to meet the construction requirements.

2. In general, it would take 15 ~ 20 days to finish manufacturing of the electric concrete pump. After manufacturing, the worker would paint it with standard color or customized color.

3. Finally, we would test running it in the factory and check its performance whether stable or not. After debugging, it would be arranged for delivery to the customer.

Manufacturing ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump in the AIMIX Factory

Philippines Choosing The ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Pump

Actually, most customers in the Philippines would like to purchase diesel engine concrete pumps for their construction projects. While this client decided to buy an electric one. Here are two reasons why to prefer the electric concrete pump.

1. He bought the mixer pump for sea pier construction and bridge pouring construction projects in Manila. Within the scope of construction, there is a sufficient supply of power resources. Therefore, the electric mixer pump is more appropriate for his projects.

2. Compared with the diesel type, the price of an electric mixing pump is a little cheaper under the same 40 cubic meters per hour capacity. Thus, he can save a lot of costs.

Loading ABJZ40D Electric Mix Pump to Manila
Loading ABJZ40D Concrete Pumping Pipelines

More importantly, what AIMIX’s after-sales service can provide is also attractive to him. He was glad to cooperate with us. Finally, he decided to buy the electric mixing pump. If you are interested in the AIMIX concrete pump for sale in Manila, welcome to contact us for details.

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