30TPH Crushing Plant Was Delivered to The Philippines

Congratulations! One set of 30 tph crushing plant for sale was exported to the Philippines in 2022. The customer bought the small capacity crushing line for his personal business. It is mainly used for crushing river stones in the Philippines. After manufacturing and testing, it would be ready to export to the customers. Here are some delivery photos. Please check them below.

Loading Crushing Machine into Container

Cooperation Process Between The Client and Aimix

1. At first, the client wanted to find a crusher plant for his projects. He searched online and browsed some videos and pictures on Facebook.

2. He found Aimix company’s official page on Facebook and checked the posts related to the crushing plant. Then, he contacted our sales through email and Viber.

3. Our sales replied to him as soon as possible and communicated with him about the project details. According to his requirements, we recommended that a 30 tph crushing machine is the most suitable choice.

4. Then our engineer designed the layout for his project. After serious consideration, he took our advice and made an order for 30 tph stone crusher plant.

Exporting 30 tph Crushing Machine to Philippines
Loading Crushing Plant to The Philippines

Components of 30TPH Crusher Plant

1. In general, the crushing plant mainly consists of a vibration feeder, crushers, a vibrating screen, a belt conveyor, an electric controlling system, etc.

2. Among them, the vibrating screen and crusher machine are the important components in the crushing plant. The crusher can crush raw materials into particles of different sizes. And the vibrating screen can sieve the crushed particles according to their sizes.

3. According to the customer’s actual needs, the designed crushing plant is equipped with a jaw crusher to crush the river stone.

jaw crusher of 30 tph crusher plant
Exporting 30 tph Crushing Machine to Philippines

If you also wanna invest in a crushing plant for business, welcome to contact our sales for details. Aimix would design customized crushing line schemes for Philippines clients. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp. Then our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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