3.5C Self Loading Mixer Truck Sent To The Philippines After Being Tested In Factory

The 3.5-square self-loading mixer truck is our best-selling model. Generally, this self-loading mixer can have 3 types: AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, AS-3.5C, and the different types are mainly to meet different customer requirements, such as the difference in rotation angle, structure, and driving methods, etc. The self-loading concrete mixer of 3.5 square meters ordered by the customer has passed our formal test and has been packed and shipped to the Philippines.

The following are the video and photos of testing and packing we took in the factory:

3.5C Self Loading Mixer Truck sent to the Philippines
3.5C Self Loading Mixer Truck sent to the Philippines
3.5C Self Loading Mixer In Our Factory
3.5C Self Loading Mixer In Our Factory

Please note that when choosing a self-loading mixer truck, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

1.The self-loading truck model is the theoretical volume of mixed concrete. The common self-loading models produced by our company are 1.8, 2.6, 3.5, and 4.0 cubic meters, etc., but note that the theoretical capacity and actual production capacity will be different. For example, the dry humidity of concrete and the construction environment will affect the actual concrete output.

2. The rotation of the drum body is generally 270 degrees, which is also the mainstream design at home and abroad.

3. In terms of transportation, one container is generally sufficient for self-loading vehicles with more than 4 parties. For smaller models, you can consider installing two or putting together other things.

4. Operators, one person can operate completely.

5. Precautions and common faults during use, pay attention to whether the fuse is complete, the bucket wear plate should be reinforced, and the tire should be regularly checked for air pressure.

The advantages of our company’s self-loading mixers in the Philippines:

Aimix office in Manila, Philippines
Aimix office in Manila, Philippines

We have a fixed office in the Philippines, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales issues. In addition, our self-loading concrete mixers have a certain market share in the Philippines, and we have received effective feedback from customers. You can visit our equipment in the Philippines at any time. In addition to self-loading mixers, our other construction machinery products are also hot-selling products in the Philippine market, such as concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, brick machines, asphalt plants, crushing plants, and so on. Therefore, if you want to buy our equipment, please trust us AIMIX Group, and contact us quickly!

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