Mini Asphalt Plant For Sale

Mini asphalt plant for sale is designed for those customers whose projects are not very big. If you are in the earlier stage of investment, maybe you don’t have too much investment cost to purchase a large size of asphalt plant. At that time, a mini asphalt plant is a good choice for you. Mini batching plant for sale has the advantages of smaller occupation area, easier installation, simpler operation, and more convenient to move. Moreover, there are many types of mini hot mix asphalt plant you can select, stationary type, mobile type, mini drum mix plant, batch mix type, etc. Welcome to contact us if you need this machine.

60T Mini asphalt plant was successfully installed in the Philippines
60T Mini asphalt plant was successfully installed in the Philippines

stationary mini type:ALQ40

ALQ SERIES Stationary Type
ALQ SERIES Stationary Type
Model ALQ40
Output 40t/h
Hopper Capacity 4×4.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity 60t/h
Dryer Size φ1.2m×5.2m
Dryer Capacity 60t/h
Fuel Consumption 70-300kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer) 4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper 500kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper 120kg
Bitumen Metering hopper 100kg
Mixer Capacity 500kg
Cycle Time 45s
Filter Area 230m²

Mobile mini type:ALYQ60

A Complete Set Mobile Plant - ALYQ
A Complete Set Mobile Plant – ALYQ
Model ALYQ60
Output 60t/h
Hopper Capacity 4×6.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity 80t/h
Dryer Size φ1.5m×6m
Dry Capacity 80t/h
Fuel Consumption 100-400kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer) 4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper 800kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper 150kg
Bitumen Metering hopper 120kg
Mixer Capacity 800kg

Drum mix mini type:ALT20-ALT60

ALT20 Mini Drum Type asphalt plant
ALT20 Mini Drum Type asphalt plant
ALT40 Mini Drum Type asphalt plant
ALT40 Mini Drum Type asphalt plant

Model ALT20 ALT40 ALT60
Output 20t/h 45t/h 60t/h
Power Fuel Oil 34kw 65kw 105kw
Burning Coal 40kw 75kw 120kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3.5m³×1 4m³×4 4m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 3t 3t 7t

Batch mix mini simple type:ALYJ10-ALYJ60

ALYJ20 Batch mix simple mini type
ALYJ20 Batch mix simple mini type
ALYJ60 Batch mix simple mini type
ALYJ60 Batch mix simple mini type

Output 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h
Power Fuel Oil 48kw 59kw 68kw 106kw 132kw 146kw
Burning Coal 67kw 78kw 91kw 129kw 170kw 192kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3m³×3 3m³×3 3m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3

Pick up a right mini asphalt plant for sale

Because there are many mini asphalt plants for sale produced by different mini asphalt plant manufacturers on the market, you should learn how to distinguish whether the quality of mini asphalt mixing plant is good and suitable.

First of all, depending on the size of your construction site. As we all know, a set of mini asphalt drum mix plant for sale has many related components, so the size of mini asphalt mixing plants need to match the construction area. If you don’t sure how to plan the construction site, our engineer will visit your site and help you.

Then, consider the production capacity. The aim that you invest in a mini portable asphalt plant is to produce the asphalt mixture for your projects. So you should consider how much asphalt mixture you need in one day. This step is the key factor that decides the model of your mini mobile asphalt plant.

At last, consider the distance between your production site and the construction site. The asphalt mixture is semisolid or liquid, so you should use the asphalt mixture in time. If the distance of your construction site is long, you can consider buying the corresponding number of mini asphalt plants for sale.

If you want to know more information about how to choose a suitable machine, welcome to consult us!

ALYJ60 Mini asphalt machine in the Philippines
ALYJ60 Mini asphalt machine in the Philippines

Introduction to the advantages of AIMIX asphalt mixing plants

Smaller Investment Cost And Quicker Return

The biggest advantages of our asphalt mixing plant mini is a smaller investment cost and quicker return. You can get many benefits from these two features.

Smaller investment cost: Although the asphalt mixing plant is the hot sale machine in recent years if you have enough investment cost, it is difficult for you to buy an asphalt plant. The mini asphalt batching plant can solve this problem well. Mini asphalt mixing plant price is lower than other types of plants. In addition, if you choose our company, we also help you save some related costs from other aspects.

Quicker return: What investors are most concerned about is the rate of return on their investment. Compared with other asphalt plants, you can obtain great profits in a shorter period. The premise is that you need to use the machine strictly according to the operation requirements.

To sum up, investing in a mini asphalt plant is a good choice for you!

Pay more attention when you operate the machine

Right operation and regular maintenance can not only reduce the failure rate of small asphalt plant for sale but also save your related maintenance cost.

Aimix office in Manila, Philippines
Aimix office in Manila, Philippines

1. Check whether the upper and lower limit switch of the hopper is safe and reliable;

2. Keep each discharge port unobstructed and no sediment. And ensure that when measuring, the stone can flow quickly and evenly;

3. Always remove dust and debris from the metering hopper and keep it clean and tidy;

4. Prior to the production of bitumen, the pipe must be heated sufficiently to ensure that the bitumen temperature in the system reaches the required value;

5. Asphalt spraying pipe shall be clean and smooth, and the nozzle part shall not be blocked, otherwise, the spraying is uneven, affecting the mixing effect;

6. If there is any problem with a part, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid more serious wear and tear on the machine.

These tips are simple maintenance methods. Of course, there are other tips about maintaining the mini asphalt plant for sale. If you are interested or have any questions, welcome to contact us! Looking forward to your message!

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