Deliver 1.2 Cub Self Loading Concrete Mixer To Cebu, Philippines

Congratulations! Our Aimix Group has successfully exported 1.2 cub self loading concrete mixer for sale to Cebu, Philippines. Self loading concrete mixer for sale is a new modern concrete mixer. Different from the traditional concrete mixer machine, the self loading concrete mixer for sale adopts unique self-loading design, which can achieve automatic feeding, mixing and unloading. In addition, the self loading concrete mixer for sale doesn’t need the additional power engine because it can generate the power by itself. So investing a self loading concrete mixer for sale is the same as investing a loader, conveyor, mixer and transporter. It is a great benefits for you!

philippines mixer
1.2 cub self loading concrete mixer was exported to Cebu

The customer’s story


This customer is our old customer. Before she purchases our self loading concrete mixer for sale, she has bought our concrete mixer with pump in 2017. We have kept good communication with her. Whatever she meets any problem, she consults to us. Our salesman tries his best to help her deal with her problem. So she gives high praise to our machine and our service. She also thinks that our Aimix Group is a trustworthy company. When she need a self loading concrete mixer for sale, she chooses our company again without hesitate.

1.2 cub

Equipment ModelCL1200
Drum geometrical capacity1700L
Discharge Capacity1200L
Engine ModelQuanchai 4B2-75m22
Rated Power55kw
Gear box modelZL-265
Gear4 forward 4 back
Fuel tank63L
Total hydraulic system capacity63 liters
Oil tank16 liters
Hydraulic PumpFC50/40
Hydraulic MotorBM5-160
Water tank400L
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)6400*2550*2450
Wheelbase (mm)2400
Curb Weight (kg)4185
Drive FormTorque converter
Drum rotate270º

If you are in Philippines, and if you want to find a reliable construction machinery manufacturer, please choose our Aimix Group without hesitate.

Other hot sale models in Philippines

2.6 cub

Equipment ModelCL2600
Drum geometrical capacity3580L
Discharge Capacity2600L
Engine ModelYCD4102Z
Rated Power78kw
Gear box modelZL-280 power shift transmission
Gear4 forward 4 back
Fuel tank75L
Total hydraulic system capacity75 liters
Oil tank16 liters
Hydraulic PumpCBG9 2050/2032
Hydraulic MotorBM5-160
Water tank500L
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)7800*2720*3000
Wheelbase (mm)2615
Curb Weight (kg)6500
Drive FormTorque converter
Drum rotate270º

4 cub

Equipment ModelCL4000
Drum geometrical capacity6000L
Discharge Capacity4000L
Engine ModelYCD4J22G
Rated Power85kw
Gear box modelZL-280 power shift transmission
Gear4 forward 4 back
Fuel tank230L
Total hydraulic system capacity170 liters
Oil tank16 liters
Hydraulic PumpParker pump
Hydraulic MotorHAA2FM56/61W-VTD527
Water tank660L
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)7500*2850*3600
Wheelbase (mm)2450
Curb Weight (kg)8500
Drum rotary290º

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