ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Machine Was Ready To Export to The Philippines

In July, another unit of Aimix mixer pump was ready to export to the Philippines after it was finished manufacturing in the Aimix factory. After communicating with the customers, he chose to buy the ABJZ40C model among all concrete mixer pumps for sale. It would be applied for his warehouse construction project in the Philippines. During the processes of manufacturing and delivering, our service staff would take some pictures to inform the customer. Here are some pictures of the mixer pump in the factory. You can check them below.

Manufacturing ABJZ40C Mixer Pump in Aimix Factory

ABJZ40C Mixing Pump in Factory
ABJZ40C Mixing Pump in Aimix Factory

Manufacturing of ABJZ40C in The Aimix Factory

After confirming the customer’s requirements, we started manufacturing it in the factory. For some important components, if the customer does not specify the brand, we would use a unified configuration. Taking the diesel engine, for example, all of our mixing pumps use the Weichai diesel engine. However, some customers would require a specific brand of engine, like Cummins and DEUTZ. We would manufacture it according to the customers’ special requirements. In general, it took about half of one month to finish manufacturing, including assembly and painting. Then, our engineer would test and debug it before delivering to the customer.

Wechai Diesel Engine
Wechai Diesel Engine
ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Specifications
ABJZ40C Specifications

Loading The ABJZ40C Mixing Pump

The next thing is to load the concrete mixer pump into the container after finishing commissioning. The worker would transport it with a forklift. Apart from the mixer concrete pump machine, there are some other auxiliary components, like pipelines, cleaning balls, wearing parts, and an operation manual. During the loading process, our delivery staff will check against the delivery list one by one and will not miss anything. Here are some loading pictures.

Loading Mixer Pump with Forklift
Loading Mixer Pump with Forklift

Pumping Pipelines
Cleaning Balls
wearing parts and operation manual

If you are also interested in Aimix concrete mixer pump for sale, welcome to contact our sale for details! Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp. Then we would respond to you as soon as possible!

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