ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump Was Put into Use in Bacolod, Philippines

Congratulations! Another set of Aimix ABJZ40C concrete mix and pump equipment was put into use normally after testing at the construction in Bacolod, The Philippines. Thanks for the customer’s positive feedback. He has taken some working pictures and videos for us. You can check them below.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump in The Philippines

ABJZ40C Mixing Pump for Foundation and House Construction

1. In May, the customer sent us an inquiry about a 40 m3/h concrete pumping machine. Because he needed it for his foundation and house construction in Bacolod. After communication, we advised him to consider a concrete mixer pump that has mixing and pumping functions in one machine. He thought it was a good choice for him. In addition, the machine can help save a lot of costs compared with buying an additional concrete mixer.

2. The Max. theo. 150 m vertical conveying distance and Max. theo. 600 m horizontal pumping distance of ABJZ40C diesel concrete pump can totally satisfy the customer’s house construction requirements.

3. ABJZ40C mixer pump is powered by a diesel engine. Therefore, it can continue to work well under the circumstance of no sufficient electricity supply.

What Service Can Aimix Provide Before Putting Mixing Pump into Use?

  • In July, after manufacturing and testing strictly in the Aimix factory, we were ready to export it to The Philippines. Then at the beginning of July, the concrete mixer pump arrived at the port. Then the customer came to pick it up and transported it to the construction site.
  • It is necessary for customers to test and debug the machine before putting it into use. Therefore, we have dispatched a local engineer in the Philippines to come to commission it. After two days of testing, it worked smoothly. The local engineer has taken a working video of the mixer pump on-site. Check it out below!
  • The customer thought highly of Aimix’s considerate after-sales service, including testing, debugging, training and checking. Thus, Philippines customers can choose to cooperate with us without doubts! Aimix is bound to provide the best service for customers! In addition, customers can visit us in our branch office in Manila!

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