40 m3/h Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Was Delivered to The Philippines

Good news! Aimix 40 m3/h diesel concrete mixer pump was delivered to the Philippines in May 2022. Aimix diesel concrete mixer pumps are popular among customers in the Philippines, especially the ABJZ40C model. Until now, Aimix has exported over 60 sets of concrete mixer pumps to the Philippines market.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump Was Exported to The Philippines

Why Choose ABJZ40C Model Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump?

Many customers in the Philippines would like to buy the ABJZ40C model of concrete mixer pump for their construction projects. I have investigated some of them. Here are the main reasons why to use the ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixing pump.

1. It is an integrative machine that combines the concrete mixer and concrete pump.

2. ABJZ40C is powered by a diesel engine. It can adapt to various kinds of construction environments. The pump can still keep working under the circumstance where it lacks electricity.

3. With a capacity of about 40 m3/h, it is more suitable for small and medium rural and urban construction projects in the Philippines, especially for houses, buildings, harbors, tunnels, roads, etc.

Electric Control System of ABJZ40C
Pipelines of ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump

4. The price of the ABJZ40C mixer pump is more competitive compared with that of other manufacturers. In addition, customers can get returns within 6 months after investment.

5. Aimix has exported many sets of ABJZ40C model mixer pumps to the Philippines market. Thus, it is popular among local customers. Because he can choose to visit the concrete mixer pump near him.

Therefore, with many benefits, customers can choose to buy Aimix concrete mixer pumps without hesitation! More importantly, there is a branch office available in Manila, Philippines. Local sales and engineers can help solve after-sales service problems as soon as possible! Besides, engineers can check and maintain the equipment at the construction sites. Apart from the ABJZ40C model, there are other choices, like the ABJZ30C diesel mixer pump, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D electric concrete mixer pump. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp now! Later we would respond to you!

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